Become A Member

Become a Shareholder

LSTMO is a registered non-profitable organisation set up by residents to run the service on your estate. Every resident, over 18 years old has the right to become a shareholder.

A number of Shareholders are directors, who are voted each year at the AGM to oversee the management and running of the TMO (Tenants Management Organisation). Shareholders also decide on what services are provided by the TMO at the local Housing Office. It is important that residents become shareholders as the more people involved in running the estate, the more accountable the TMO Board is to the Community.

Currently we have over 25% of Lordship South Residents who are registered Shareholders.

As well as becoming a Shareholder member LSTMO offers a variety of ways that residents can get involved in commenting on how the TMO is working and also in the running of the organisation.

Get involved in the running of your estate, all you need is to give a little of your time to help your TMO.

Join your TMO!

Benefits of becoming a shareholder of your TMO:

  • Shareholders can become Board Members.
  • Help to decide what services the TMO deliver and the future of the TMO.
  • Attend training courses.
  • Vote at important meetings.
  • Provide you with invaluable experience to add to your CV.
  • Social Activity.
  • Getting to know your neighbours.
  • Improving the community you live in.
  • You can see your ideas of community projects or activities get started and working.

Become a member for only 10 pence (£0.10p). If you are age 18 or over, and are lawfully a resident on the estate, you are entitled to become a shareholder member of your TMO.

The membership entitles you to a right to vote at the general meetings and to nominate/be nominated as a Board Member at the Lordship South Annual General Meeting (AGM). Shareholders can join the TMO Committee, vote at AGMs and inspect the society accounts.

All Residents over 18 years old will need to complete their own form.

Shareholder forms are available at the office. Please ask staff at the office for your Shareholder Certificate.

Click here to download Application Form Shareholder (LSTMO).

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